Graduate on time: Finish in Four

Pass at least 15 credit hours per quarter and you can graduate in four years. You’ll save time, save money on tuition and get a head start on your future! 

Do the math: Full-time is 15 credit hours per quarter

Taking 15 credits each quarter (45 credit hours per academic year) means you can graduate in four years. To graduate with a bachelor’s degree, you’ll have to complete at least 180 credit hours. 

Make sure you're on track to finish on time

15 credits per quarter = 4 years to graduate.

UCR’s Promise: More class seats added

The number of seats in many classes has been expanded, making it more likely you can get the credits you need.  Log into: R'Web / Registration / Term Plan to give yourself a head start by building plans. When you register for classes, you'll be able to load these plans. Be sure to consult with your academic advisor who can also help you build your four-year-plan.


Reason 1

Save Money!

Adding extra quarters costs extra money. Each additional year of school can cost a UCR student more than $35,000 in tuition and related expenses. Debt can increase by up to 70% for students who borrow to attend college for five to six years.
Reason 2

Make Money!

Get paid instead of paying for school. The sooner you graduate, the sooner you’ll get a paycheck or go on to graduate school. The early career median salary for a UCR graduate is $51,800.
Reason 3

Finish with Your Friends!

Don’t get left behind by friends who will graduate in four years. Students who take 15 or more credits per quarter earn better grades, are more likely to stay enrolled in school and are far more likely to graduate.
Reason 4

Save Time!

Stay focused and stay on track. The longer you take to complete your degree, the less likely you are to graduate. Undergraduate degree programs at UC Riverside are designed to be completed in four years.

Watch UCR Students Share their Stories:


Full Screen Version: UCR Finish in Four - Jillian's Story.

Full Screen Version: UCR Finish in Four - Josh's Story.

Full Screen Version: UCR Finish in Four - Kallie's Story.

Get Started!

Meet with your advisor at least once per quarter, to help you stay on track and achieve academic success. Your college’s advising website and advising center have printable four-year course plans for each major. 

Stay on Track!

The Academic Resource Center (ARC) can help you study for classes and prepare for exams. Drop-in tutoring, computer labs and supplemental instruction are available to UCR students.  Almost all services are free!

Get Ahead!

Summer Sessions

Summer Sessions lets you earn class credit faster. Choose from three, five, seven or 10-week sessions.

  • Small class sizes, priority registration
  • 600 classes taught on-campus by UC Riverside instructors
  • High-demand classes: organic chemistry, world history, physics
  • Summer financial aid (minimum eight credit hours)

Registration begins in May. Learn more

Watch the Academic Resource Center video:

Full Screen Version: Academic Resource Center video.

Resources to Succeed

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